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tour, jungle tour, travel, tour guide, tourismWe have the best adventure trips, get best holidays at the best price. Have fun with us touring the planet and discovering the impressive nature we have on this planet. We have been offering trips of this type for many years and our great experience supports us. Meet indigenous communities in the Amazon and share your life with you. Explore the world with us, unique experiences that will make you repeat, do not wait and eliminate daily stress. This is what you are looking to get out of the routine, you want to live unforgettable experiences both your alone and with friends or your family. Learn the secrets of nature and learn to love it with us.

New experience

Know medicinal plants, know wild foods, know life in harmony with nature. You will not want to go back as you enter another totally new world. Travel through the jungle walking and canoeing on the river, live without technology, without cell phones and enjoy the best of life.


Tour, jungle tour, hotels, amazon, tourism

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We take the transport to the South entering the jungle for 2 hours in the car, and we will walk half an hour to get to the place where you will stay and the cabins are next to the banks of the Macuma river.
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Exclusive tour to meet the Shuar community in the Amazon of Ecuador, you will live with an authentic indigenous community and know their customs. image life sea greater grass.
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This tour is completely primary forest where you will not see communities, it is an adventure tour in contact with nature, animals and exotic birds. The tour starts from Lago Agrio and ends in Lago Agrio.
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