Exclusive tour to meet the Shuar community in the Amazon of Ecuador, you will live with an authentic indigenous community and know their customs. image life sea greater grass.

Know the indigenous secrets with us.

DEPARTURE TIMEPlease arrive by 7:30 AM for a prompt departure at 8:00 AM.
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Local transportationHiking boots
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Enjoy our tour through the Amazon of Ecuador, stunning views at the best price. because live a dream adventure through the jungle, disconnect from the world in which we live. Enjoy nature and its wild life in its maximum splendor. so we have a lot of experience in exotic travel, many years endorse us in these trips. Due to this tour is completely primary forest where you will not see communities, it is an adventure tour in contact with nature, animals and exotic birds. For the reason that the tour starts from Lago Agrio and ends in Lago Agrio.


Finally know the wild nature, know the food of the natives, their customs, their lives. Furthermore you will learn to appreciate nature and experience unforgettable sensations. Another you will learn to hunt, fish and cook like them. Also you will learn many things that in western life you will not learn.


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Day 1: Departure

Departure from Baños (Ecuador) at 8:00 a.m. and arrival to the Shuar family, we have the welcome with the Amazonian drink called Chicha made from Yuca, then we have lunch, then we have a walk to the interior of the jungle explaining about the garden of the Shuar culture, explanation about the custom , traditions, explanations about sowing, explanation about hallucinogenic plants, explanation about the traditional gun that is used for hunting.

Explanation of fishing techniques. In the afternoon we have a bonfire in the Playas del rio to talk about life in the jungle and the way of life, for the night of dinner we have a typical dish of fish in the middle leaves and rest.


Day 2: Breakfast at 8:30 am

Breakfast 8:30 and then we walk for half an hour to enter the famous cave of the “Tayos”. This cave is a sacred place because it is where a hundred birds live, here we will observe petrified stones, stalactites and stalagmites.Inside the cave we will enter with the lanterns for being so dark and a fantastic place, we will be inside the cave for 2 hours and finally we will go through another route.This cave has a legend where we will explain exactly when we are inside the immense cave.At noon we return to the cabins, after lunch break. Then we have the observation of crafts, ceramics, etc.
Then we will go to the collection of the vegetables of the jungle for the preparation of the typical food.
After dinner and return to the city of Baños (Ecuador) and end of the tour.
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The cave is very beautiful and the views of the place enchanted me.

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